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Name:Fresh Green Banana                         Variety:Cavendish Banana                 Maturity:10-13 weeks

Net weight:13.5kg , 14.06kg, 19kg                 Packing:Standard export packing     

Brand Name:Liberty, Guangyu, Guapa,Gina, Banabay         Place of Origin:Philippines, Ecuador


Banana is one of our main imported products, with more than 16000 tons annual import volume from Philippines and Ecuador. Banana Brands are Liberty, Guangyu, Guapa, Banabay, Gina. We have 13.5kg/14.06kg standard packing and 19kg big packing with good-look cartons. Several big companies and orchards in Philippines and Ecuador have contracted with us, and build long-term and solid cooperation .we believe stable plantation is a firm guarantee for the quality!